Friday, July 6, 2012

Pink Panda Updates~

Hello hello~
It's been a while and I figure I should do a little update here :)
This July 21st (Saturday) PinkPandaCraftShop is going to attend to the Summer Craft Show at Dyer Town Hall (Indiana).
Natalia and I are busy making some new items for the craft show we have~ If you are near to this area we'd love to meet you there and have fun together!

This coming Sunday is going to be the big day of our friends Erica and Jonathan Spanky! We are going to their beautiful wedding~ It's going to be nice and fun day for us all!

I helped the bride-to-be to decorate a little accessories that she has~

Hopefully we'll have some more pictures on that day so we can share some more up here :)

I'll talk to you all again soon~

Happy summer!

Ki & Natalia

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