Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tutorial time :How to make polymer clay twisted cookie sticks~

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Today we have a polymer clay tutorial here :)
We're going to show you how to make twisted cookie sticks.

Let's get started:

Tools you'll need ----
Polymer clay
Clay roller
Hard bristles paint brush
Blade ( Or any cutting tool you have )
Acrylic paint

First, we need to have a light yellow color clay.
(Here's a blog post of how to mix this color :

Use the clay roller and make it into a flat sheet, about 1.5mm - 2mm thick.

Then, let's use a brush and put some texture on the clay sheet on both sides. (Top & Bottom)

After texturing the clay sheet, use a blade trim it into a rectangular form.

Now, we can start making the twisted cookie sticks~
First, cut a thin strip.

Next, we will need a toothpick to help forming shape.

Take this thin strip of clay and wrap around the toothpick~
Make sure it's evenly wrapped on it :)

You can make different sizes too~

Here's another way to make a polymer clay twisted cookie stick :
Like the one above, cut a strip of clay first.

Then put your fingers on both ends,
roll in 2 different directions ( one finger goes downward and the other goes upward )
You'll get this other type of twisted cookie sticks~

You can also form them into so many different shapes, let's be creative with it :)

Ok~ now we're ready to bake them.

After it's baked, we can start coloring them~
In this step, you'll need an orangey yellow acrylic paint and a sponge. I'm using Delta Soy Paint in Curry here.

Now use the sponge dap it on the color.
Make sure you wipe off the the excess.
Then lightly glide it on the edges of the twisted cookie stick. The color should be concentrating on the twisted edges. ( As shown in the mint green arrows )

and that's it~
Now you have your well baked twisted cookie stick :)

With is toothpick wrapped around cookie stick, coloring step is kinda similar to the one above.
Make sure the color is concentrated on the outer surface. ( Lightly gliding the sponge on the cookie stick and make sure the color doesn't go onto the inner part. )

We have some twisted polymer clay cookie sticks!

Hope you enjoy this tutorial~
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