Sunday, March 3, 2013

Polymer clay checkerboard butter cookies tutorial

Hi all~!
I have no idea what took me so long.... I'm back with a tutorial this time :)
It's a polymer clay checkerboard butter cookies tutorial~
Hope you'll like it :D

First, we need to prepare some tools we need~
-Clay roller / Clay pasta machine (If you have one)
-Hard bristles paint brush
-Craft knife
-Square cookie cutter (I use a 1.5cm x 1.5cm here)

Next thing you need is ---- polymer clay
-Other colors of your choice

When you have it all ready, you can start rolling the polymer clay into flat sheets. Here I used the clay pasta machine, and I set it on the No.9 thickness.

Or you can use a clay roller, make them around 3mm thick.

Now, use the square cookie cutter to cut some square clay out~

When you have all the different color squares ready, then you can use a craft knife to cut the squares into 4 equal pieces. Like so.


It's time to make it like a checkerboard cookie :)
Switch the colors just like those in the picture~

When it's formed, pick it up and use your fingers to tighten the cookie. Make sure they stick together.

It's time to use the paint brush~!
Use it to stab on the clay cookie and make some texture on it, top and bottom.

Make sure to texture it on the sides too :)

They're ready to be baked!

After they're baked, the next things you'll need:
-Golden yellow color (I use the Delta Soy Paint in Curry)
-Sponge (Here I use a makeup sponge)

Now we're ready to paint :)

Use the sponge to pick up some color. Remember to dap the sponge and get the excess color off.

Only put the color on the light yellow color clay corners.
Stamp the color on both corners and make a gradient effects. Color it top and bottom.

Then, drag the color downward at the corners so the corners have some color on too~

Polymer clay checkerboard butter cookie is now done!

You can have this light yellow color combine with all different colors you like to make this checkerboard cookie~ Just use your creativity with it :)

This is really easy and fun to make~ You can put some eye pins on and make them as charms. Or you can just use it to decorate anything you like~!

Hope you like this tutorial and please come back for some more cute stuff!


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