Thursday, August 2, 2012

New polymer clay desserts for craft shows~

It has been so long to be back on Blogger~!
This summer is way much busier than I thought!
So far PinkPandaCraftShop has been to 1 craft show, we will have another one this August on 25th & 26th (Saturday & Sunday) at the Taste of Porter County in Valparaiso, Indiana.
If you're around, it would be great to come visit us there~ We have an indoor booth at the fair, hopefully things will work out great!

We have some new items for the craft show and we are still making some more of it~ The new ones are now available on our Etsy shop too :)

Let's take a look of our polymer clay creations~
We've tried some new chocolate flavor items:

And we have a lot more phone charms and keychains~

We have some more jewelry rings too~

We also have earrings, hair snap clips and magnet~

And of course we have some more polymer clay card / note holder~

This is totally something new from PinkPandaCraftShop~!
It's a plastic canvas ice cream cone magnet~ It's made by my mother-in-law and she's very good at it!

It's super cute!
It would be a perfect gift to everyone~ You can put it on your fridge or in your office or in your locker etc.
We will have some more plastic canvas items~ I'm taking pictures of them. If you like it, please come back later~ It will have some more on our Etsy shop!

Hopefully we will see some of you in the Taste of Porter County craft fair :)
We will have some more new items come up as soon as possible~
Please remember, we make custom order too!
I will talk to you again soon~

Thank you for visiting our blog~


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