Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do you want to do some DIY projects too~?

Hello Hello~
Today we got a new message from Etsy. (Thank you very much!)
We would like to let our customers know that we make custom order :)

On our Etsy shop ( we have different finished products, such as polymer clay jewelry, keychains, phone charms, phone cases, card holders.... etc. It's all be decorated and you can use it right away! Our products are unique and fun!
Here, we would like to make it even more unique and fun! Which is we can provide some of our materials / elements to help you design your own things :)
We can make little pieces of polymer clay decorations according to your own desire and try our best to fulfill it~ Like cookies, candy, fruits, cakes....etc. so you'll be able to get it and decorate your things the way that you want~
I'll show you some of what we have:

Strawberry layered cake~

Yummy yummy~

Chocolate cookie, nutty cookie, plain cookie, you name it~

Lots of cookies!!!! (and a donut~lol)

Candy and bows~


Oh~ Macaroons!

Who wants some ice-cream~?

Sprinkle is always fun!

These are the decorations I have on hand so far. If you would like to get some, or want to make custom order (like changing colors, other objects you would like us to make, changing sizes etc.) Please feel free to send us a message through:

email ----

Let us know your preferences and wants :)
Once we understand all your needs, we will let you know about the price range and time we will need to make~ Then we can make you a custom order listing on our Etsy shop so you will be able to purchase~

Please don't forget to check out our Pinterest too~

Thank you so much for visiting PinkPandaCraftShop's blog :)
Hope you enjoy and please come back for more!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Some more polymer clay sweetie handmade products

Hello everyone~
We have some more new handmade items posted on our Etsy shop!
A lot of charms and keychains plus some more adjustable rings~
Let's take a look :)

Sweet strawberry creamy fruity polymer clay donut adjustable ring

Lovely star shape fruity polymer clay cookie adjustable ring

Strawberry frosting polymer clay donut adjustable ring

Mint green polymer clay ice-cream scoop adjustable ring

Coral peachy polymer clay ice-cream scoop with orange bow adjustable ring

Fun sweet creamy fruity layers polymer clay cake card / note holder

Lovely creamy pastel colors polymer clay cupcake keychain

Yummy fruity polymer clay crackers keychain

Polymer clay creamy puffy charm keychain featuring an icing layers cake

Delicious mixed berries polymer clay cupcake phone charm

Cute polymer clay cookie and cake keychain

Pink and coral icing polymer clay cupcake charm keychain

Strawberry whipped cream polymer clay purple macaroon charm keychain

Romantic creamy fruity sweet polymer clay cupcake phone charm

Purple bow tie creamy fudgy polymer clay cupcake phone charm

Mixed fruity strawberry creamy polymer clay short cake roll phone charm

Sweet pinky creamy polymer clay cupcake phone charm

Sweet creamy fruity polymer clay tart phone charm

It's really enjoyable to work on these projects~
I want to have a special thanks to our customer Leigh has been given us a lot of support! We really appreciate that so much!
Hope you all like it too and please come back to visit again :)

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Friday, May 11, 2012

New items~ Polymer clay sweet card / note holder

Hi all~!
Pink Panda Craft Shop has new items on!

We have 5 new polymer clay cupcake card / note holders~
It would be a very cute decoration in the office, at home or in a store :)
Which one do you like the most~?

Colorful creamy fruity polymer clay cupcake card / note holder

Bling bling creamy strawberries mini polymer clay chocolate tart card / note holder

Chocolate fudge creamy fruity heart shape polymer clay cupcake card / note holder

Colorful sweet chocolate beans heart shape polymer clay cupcake card / note holder

Polymer clay cute fruity heart shape card / note holder

Other than the cupcake card holders, we have 2 more new magnets~
They are both decorated with strawberries and are glued with strong magnets.

Polymer clay strawberries whipped cream tart magnet

Polymer clay pastel strawberries whipped cream tart with sprinkles magnet

Please visit our Etsy Shop to look for more pictures and details~

Summer is coming and I can't wait to make some more ice-cream!

I love the hot chocolate fudge on it~!
Do you like any of them too~? leave us some comment of what you like that'd be nice :)

The weather is so nice out here. Hope everyone will have a great Mother's Day weekend!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Work Work Work Work for Craft Fairs~!

Hi all~
Pink Panda Craft Shop would like to enter to some Craft Fairs this year :) Natalia and I have been looking for some information and see how we can work on this~ Hopefully we will figure some plans out *Fingers crossed*
I've been making some new items and will put it on our Etsy Shop as soon as I can~ Also as stocking up our inventory if we could get into any Craft Shows :) I AM SO EXCITED!!!!
Let's see what's new~

Ice-cream~~~~ Have you made some too? We have a tutorial of making polymer clay ice-cream :)

Are these cookies attractive to you~?

Cupcakes~~~~!!!! It's a lot of fun to make!!!!

I love working on my crafts! I had a friend from Hong Kong came visit me last week, she loved those charms I made! I'm super happy about this and I gave her couple charms so she can make a bracelet :) She's so excited and I can't wait to see her finished product!

This is exactly how we would like our crafty business could be ---- Gives happiness to people! We will keep working hard, hopefully we would be able to share our happiness to more people from different places!

Thank you for visiting our blog :)
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