Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making bows

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We are going to show 2 different ways to make a bow with polymer clay~

Let's get started step by step to the first method:

1. Roll out a thin sheet of polymer clay. ( About 1mm thick )

2. Cut a rectangular shape.

3. Bend the longer edge towards the other side, press down the centre only.

4. Fold the middle of the upper part to the centre and press it down again.

( The back side of it )

5. Do the same like step number 4 to the bottom part.

( This is the front )

6. Then cut a skinny rectangular stripe to put it in the middle of the bow like so.

There you go~ now you have a simple cute little bow :)

Here is method 2, let's go step by step again:

1. Roll a sheet of polymer clay, about 1mm thick. Then cut a rectangular shape like so.

2. Bend one of the shorter side edge towards the middle part of the rectangle, then press the edge down.

3. Do the same to the other side of the shorter edge like step 2.

4. Then use a plastic knife for clay or anything flat that can help you to make a cut, cut a horizontal short line in the centre. ( This can help to fold in the next step )

5. Fold the middle part and press it together.

6. Make a little stripe of rectangular piece to cover in the middle.

Now you can have another style of bow :)

Here are some of them I made~

Hope you enjoy this little tutorial!


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