Friday, March 2, 2012

How to mix the colors to make pastry charms~?

Hello everyone,

This blog post is going to show you how to mix the colors to make pastry polymer clay charms.

The craft stores I go to, they don't usually have the color that I need for making pastry charms. Therefore, I have to mix it my own. I had tried a lot of combinations to find the right color. I had failed before, of course~ lol

Above are some of the fail products I've made :p

After doing some more research, I could do some better results :) Now it's easier for me to get the right portion of clays to mix the right color.

This is the result after mixing all these colors:

If you don't have those Fimo colors on hand, you can use the Sculpey III colors 001 White (White), 093 Beige (Flesh Light), 072 Yellow (Sunflower) and 1634 Just Orange (Tangerine). They should give a similar result. Or you can use other similar clay colors like those 4 above to mix it.

I'm still experimenting "mixing"~ There might be some other color combinations could give the same result. I will share it up here once I find it :)

You can use this mixed pastry color to make things such as cookies, donuts, cupcakes, breads, biscuits.... etc. You name it~ Expand your creativity!

Here are some cookies that I made~ (They're baked)

So after you bake them, you can use acrylic paint to color them. This can give a result like a perfect golden baked color like so:

Hope this can give you some ideas how to make polymer clay pastry charms~ In the coming blog post I will talk about different paint you can use to make this golden baked color :)

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more!


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