Saturday, May 24, 2014

Love fairy tales~

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far~

I love fairy tales, what about you? The ones that I read the most when I was little were from the Brothers Grimm. I remember when we were in primary school we have to read the books and write reports about them. I enjoyed doing so~

I've been trying to play with the new things I got in Hong Kong. Here are couple more things that I came up with:

I figured I haven't made phone cases for awhile. So I started to play with the pastel iPhone 5 / 5s cases that I got. Cream color always makes me think of lace, that's why I chose to put some lace on this cream case. It's girly and great for spring time! I feel like this would go well with brides too ;) 

I really like this white flower goes with these big rhinestones~ I like blings but sometimes things get too many rhinestones on it make it kind of too busy. I've tried to not over done it on this one and it looks a little bit more elegant~

I really liked the laces go onto these pastel phone cases, so I made another one again~ This time I took out my Bambi here. (love it!) I really wanted to do something with her and I thought she would go well with the laces, so here it is~ Love this fairy tale theme on the case so much! 

I enjoyed making this a lot~ Especially in spring and summer time having an item like this around would make me feel so lively! Where I live has been chilly and cold most of the time.... so looking at this bambi fairy tale case helps me get the feeling of the warm weather a little better lol

Then I really got into this fairy tale theme and I wanted to make some more! This floral mirror is also another find I got in Hong Kong. I like this mirror a lot but too bad I only got 2 of them.... (Was originally 3 in total but 1 broke in the mail....) It'd be nice to have it on phone cases or business card cases. Cause this can make the cases serve with 2 different purposes (Saves some room in your handbag~)

I also love the glitter background it has too! It has different color reflects and it looks like scales you see on a mermaid~

What do you think about these so far~? I wonder if I should make some more of this fairy tale theme items. I've been really enjoying seeing them around! Please let me know what you think~

Hope you all are having a great Memorial Day weekend!

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