Friday, May 11, 2012

New items~ Polymer clay sweet card / note holder

Hi all~!
Pink Panda Craft Shop has new items on!

We have 5 new polymer clay cupcake card / note holders~
It would be a very cute decoration in the office, at home or in a store :)
Which one do you like the most~?

Colorful creamy fruity polymer clay cupcake card / note holder

Bling bling creamy strawberries mini polymer clay chocolate tart card / note holder

Chocolate fudge creamy fruity heart shape polymer clay cupcake card / note holder

Colorful sweet chocolate beans heart shape polymer clay cupcake card / note holder

Polymer clay cute fruity heart shape card / note holder

Other than the cupcake card holders, we have 2 more new magnets~
They are both decorated with strawberries and are glued with strong magnets.

Polymer clay strawberries whipped cream tart magnet

Polymer clay pastel strawberries whipped cream tart with sprinkles magnet

Please visit our Etsy Shop to look for more pictures and details~

Summer is coming and I can't wait to make some more ice-cream!

I love the hot chocolate fudge on it~!
Do you like any of them too~? leave us some comment of what you like that'd be nice :)

The weather is so nice out here. Hope everyone will have a great Mother's Day weekend!

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