Friday, May 18, 2012

Some more polymer clay sweetie handmade products

Hello everyone~
We have some more new handmade items posted on our Etsy shop!
A lot of charms and keychains plus some more adjustable rings~
Let's take a look :)

Sweet strawberry creamy fruity polymer clay donut adjustable ring

Lovely star shape fruity polymer clay cookie adjustable ring

Strawberry frosting polymer clay donut adjustable ring

Mint green polymer clay ice-cream scoop adjustable ring

Coral peachy polymer clay ice-cream scoop with orange bow adjustable ring

Fun sweet creamy fruity layers polymer clay cake card / note holder

Lovely creamy pastel colors polymer clay cupcake keychain

Yummy fruity polymer clay crackers keychain

Polymer clay creamy puffy charm keychain featuring an icing layers cake

Delicious mixed berries polymer clay cupcake phone charm

Cute polymer clay cookie and cake keychain

Pink and coral icing polymer clay cupcake charm keychain

Strawberry whipped cream polymer clay purple macaroon charm keychain

Romantic creamy fruity sweet polymer clay cupcake phone charm

Purple bow tie creamy fudgy polymer clay cupcake phone charm

Mixed fruity strawberry creamy polymer clay short cake roll phone charm

Sweet pinky creamy polymer clay cupcake phone charm

Sweet creamy fruity polymer clay tart phone charm

It's really enjoyable to work on these projects~
I want to have a special thanks to our customer Leigh has been given us a lot of support! We really appreciate that so much!
Hope you all like it too and please come back to visit again :)

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