Sunday, September 9, 2012

PinkPandaCraftShop at the Taste of Porter County~

Hello there~
2 weeks ago PinkPandaCraftShop was at the Taste of Porter County!
It's the first time we went to a summer festival and we were so excited about it!

It was a 2 days event, and obviously Taste of Porter County is ALL ABOUT FOOD lol. After we got there we figured, it's really ALL ABOUT FOOD! It's not too much of an event for crafts.... However, we would still love to try it (and we paid for it....) so.... oh well~

The first day was ok, I was expecting more people would be there though. The second day was a disaster.... because of the weather.... (bad luck....) It started raining like around noon. Then the food vendors outdoor started packing up and leave. The car show out there couldn't bring any people to be there as well due to the rain.... so....

We would say we're still glad that we were there :)
Because we met some awesome people and talented crafters!
I'm sure you would like her creations!

And we've met a cute bow crafter~
She has a lot of cute unique bows and hair accessories~
Please go check them out :)

Even though the festival was not quite as I imagined, it's still pretty cool to be there and saw all the different stuff~
It also brought us a lot of joy to see the people came to our booth with their compliments and laughters! We really appreciate it and it's nice to know people like our crafts :)

This coming weekend PinkPandaCraftShop will be going to The Music of America at Crown Point, IN. as a craft vendor~ If you're in town please come see us!

It's going to be a fun weekend! (We hope~ lol)

Have a great week everyone!
Ki & Natalia

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