Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Polymer clay tutorial : Banana cane / slices~

Hello all~
Long time! Pink Panda has a tutorial here this time and hope you will like it.
We're going to make polymer clay banana cane / slices!
Without further ado let's go see how to make it :)

1. Colors~
A) Outer piece: Fimo White, Fimo Sahara, Premo Sunshine (Proportion ----> 8 : 1.5 : 0.5)
B) Translucent: Premo White Translucent, Fimo White, Fimo Sahara (Proportion ----> 7 : 1.5 : 1.5)
C) Center: Fimo White, Fimo Sahara, Fimo Caramel (Proportion ----> 8 : 1.5 : 0.5)
D) Seeds: Fimo Caramel

2. Use the "Center" color polymer clay, form a cylinder.
(About 3cm tall and 1.2cm in diameter)

3. Then make 3 strings of "seeds". Same length as the "Center" piece.

4. Use the translucent color clay, roll a flat sheet then wrap around the brown color "seeds".

5. Wrap all 3 seeds, then place it around the "Center" piece like this:

6. Then use the translucent color clay again, form a flat sheet as shown in the picture. It's about the same length as the "Center" piece. (Around 3cm long)

7. Now, use this translucent color clay and place it in between the seeds. (Like so in the picture~)

8. Make 2 more translucent color pieces, put them in between the other 2 empty places between the seeds. Form it like a triangular shape just like the picture below:

9. After that, use the outer color clay and flatten it. Make 2 pieces of clay sheets about 1cm thick, then wrap it around the triangle you just formed~ (I find it easier to make 2 pieces instead of 1 to wrap it around~)

10. Now start rolling it evenly to make a polymer clay banana cane~

11. If it's too big, cut in down in smaller portion and roll it to the size you would like to have~

12. Once you have the size that you want, then we start to make some lines on it like what it has on a real banana.
First, use a craft knife press 3 straight lines along the banana cane. You can use the seeds in the middle as a guide line.

13. Next, use your craft knife again and mark some parallel lines around the cane. You can use the knife roll it back and forth to make the lines~

14. After you have the parallel lines all around, you have a polymer clay banana cane ready to bake!

15. After you baked the cane, cut it in slices when it's still warm. Because it's not totally harden yet at that time, so it's easier to cut.
After that~ You have your polymer clay banana slices :D

This is all easy and fun to make!
You should definitely try it and share your projects with us too~
Hope you like this polymer clay banana cane tutorial and please come back for more of our updates and shares!

Thank you everyone :)
Hope you have a great day!

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Last Alliance Studios said...

This is perfect for the Banoffee Pie I plan to make at some point; thanks so much! :D

PinkPanda CraftShop said...

You're welcome :) I'm glad you like this~ If you don't mind, please share your creations with us too~ We'd love to see the clay banana you make as well~!

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