Saturday, October 6, 2012

New polymer clay sweet treats is now available~

Hello all~

Fall has come! To be honest I'm not quite enjoying it here.... I love summer! and especially it's like winter to me here even though it's just fall. I'm the tropical person and I'm used to that kind of weather my whole life so, it's a little tough for me lol

Ok enough for the rambling. Here we are to present you the new items that available in our craft shop on Etsy PinkPandaCraftShop~

Cookie bear polymer clay charm with creamy puff beaded keychain

Baby blue bow star shape cookie polymer clay keychain

Polymer clay strawberry cheesecake and cream pastry beaded keychain

Sweet decoden pink wooden chalk board

Sweet decoden lime green wooden chalk board

Super sweet creamy fruity ice cream polymer clay tart card / photo clip it up

Strawberry ice cream chocolate cupcake polymer clay keychain

Peachy ice cream chocolate cupcake polymer clay keychain

Sweet polymer clay decoden iPhone 4 / 4S case

Pastel lollipop candy chocolate polymer clay cupcake phone charm

Polymer clay sweet treats musical note card / photo holder

Strawberry ice cream cone with a sweet cheese cake polymer clay phone charm

Polymer clay sweet treats decoden pink heart shape container

Polymer clay decoden sweet Love Birds orange tin container

Little pink star polymer clay icing cookies earrings

Polymer clay LOVE ring (Adjustable)

Strawberry cream puff featuring strawberry cheese cake polymer clay beaded keychain

Polymer clay cotton candy ice cream cone beaded phone charm

Purple floral creamy polymer clay tart phone charm

Strawberry cake roll polymer clay phone charm

Polymer clay chocolate chips cookie adjustable ring

Rosy creamy lovable polymer clay sweet adjustable ring

Pastel purple rabbit polymer clay icing cookie adjustable ring

After this I'll probably do a review on some goodies that I've bought online~
They're some molds from a japanese company called PADICO. They have all different kind of clays and accessories! Oh I really wish I could get it all lol
I ordered it from a site from Hong Kong:
I'll have more details and pictures on the next blog post so, stay tuned~

Have a great day everyone!
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