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PADICO clay molds review

Hello Hello~
Today I want to talk about the molds I ordered from
I've been wanting to try these japanese clay molds for awhile and finally I found a site to buy~
I was searching on Etsy and there's a lot of different sellers are selling these sweet miniature dessert clay molds. They are in different selling prices, different shipping costs and have different feedbacks. I also found some web pages that specifically sold resin clay and accessories. Some were from Singapore and the US.
Then finally I found this site from Hong Kong that is called molds4u. They have a pretty good variety of products you can choose from. They sell clay and accessories, fabrics, squishy toys, stationary and Japanese bento boxes.
For the clay section itself, it has different kind of clay you can find such as paper clay, light weight air dry clay and resin clay. It also has a lot of different clay accessories like molds, tools, clay whipped cream, clay shape cutters, sweet miniature decorating sauce, glue, clay varnish, sweet miniature clay books, findings and clay sets etc.
What I like about this site is definitely because of the different varieties I can pick~ Some Etsy sellers might have some same things with a slightly cheaper prices, but they don't have a huge selections you can choose from. Also the shipping cost from this site is not too bad. I ordered 4 molds from them and the total shipping cost was USD$4.29, I'd say it's not too bad.

So here's the molds that I got~

At first I wanted to get the alphabet chocolate mold (The bottom right one~), but then I found the site has some other ones that I'd like to get so of course, I got them too lol~
The shipping was quick! It took about a week to come so it's pretty good. The package was secured nicely. It came with a paper document bag, also has a cute christmas plastic bag inside that wrapped every together. They gave me a cute little tape as a gift so that was nice~ It's like a little surprise :)

So let's talk about the first mold that I really wanted, the alphabet chocolate one:

I wanted this one because when I was browsing the web pages from some sweet miniature clay crafters in Japan, they have this cute but yet elegant chocolate plate decorated on a kawaii cupcake charm. I was like, wow this is so cool! Then I found out they used this mold to make it, so I decided to get it~

First try impression of this mold:

I use polymer clay to test it here. Before I put the clay on it, I used a thin layer of olive oil to grease the mold first. As this mold is very shallow (Because it's supposed to be a thin slice of chocolate), it's a little difficult to take the clay off the mold.
I tried a couple times, I cleaned off the mold and molded the clay again. Seems like the clay would still stick in the mold even I have the olive oil on. (As you can see in the picture above) The mold itself is kinda flexible, so you can bend it a little to help pushing the clay out. However it doesn't help too much. I had to use a ball of clay to help stick it out. (As it's shown in the above picture)
It's kinda a bummer that I couldn't use this mold as I wished it could be. I think it's because the mold is designed for the light weight clay and the resin clay that this company PADICO has. I guess I'll get the resin clay next time and try to make this work ;p (I've been wanting to try the resin clay actually lol)

The second one is this waffle mold:

I got this one because the waffle really caught my eyes! This mold has the same plastic finished like the alphabet one above. It's slightly flexible as well~
However, the waffle is another let down.... The waffle mold is shallow and the edges are so slim therefore it's very difficult to take the clay out without messing it up.... This time I tried to dust a thin layer of corn starch in the mold to help but, I hate to say it's another failure.... seems like there's no way I can use polymer clay on this kind of mold....
Then I tried the other shapes on this mold keeping my fingers crossed, hoping to have at least one works. So I picked the heart ruffle shape cookie. This time I used olive oil again to work with this and voila~

I'd say it came out pretty good. After this I tried the round cookie one, it also came out quite well.
I put olive oil on the square and the triangle but it didn't work out. So I used corn starch again and it was better. I had to reshape them a little bit though. If I really need to get a square or triangular shape, I'd rather just cut the shapes out myself instead of molding it here because it takes a lot of time....
Then to the cupcake bottom shape, that was like no way I could work this out with polymer clay. You can see the sharp edges it has and it's very hard to pull the clay out without messing up the edges.... so, another failure :(
Overall this mold isn't too bad, I can still use 4 shapes out of it~

The third one here is the round cookie / heart macaroon mold:

This mold is similar to the waffle one. They have the same plastic finished too so it's kinda flexible.
The first shape I tried on this mold was the ruffle round cookie on the top right. I put olive oil on this one and it came out pretty good. Some of the hearts on it were not in shape, but I think I can make it result better after a little bit more practice out of it~

The next one I tried was the heart shape macaroon.

I had a nice result on this one :)
I also put olive oil on this one and it came out quite effortlessly~ The shape stayed good as well! I was satisfied with this macaroon~

Then I tried the ice cream cone mold.

Also greased it with the olive oil and it came out nicely~ I then tried the strawberry on the bottom left. I had a satisfaction result on this one too. However, it would be better if the seeds on it can be more clear.
The rest of the other mold shapes I couldn't get any good results out of it....

The last mold I have is the flexible soft mold for making jewels.

This mold here is supposed to be for either clay or resin jewel making.
It is much more flexible than the other pink ones so you can really push to take the products out.

The results came out pretty nicely, except for the heart shapes. It's because they have pointy tops so when I pushed, it messed up the shape. But overall this mold is great~ I will try to work this with resin as well, I'm exited to try!

Even though some of the molds were not working as what I expected, I'm still satisfied with what I have got :)
I think they will work better when I use the air dry clay to perform with these. It's because if I use air dry clay I can leave it in there and wait till it gets harden before I remove them. In this way the shapes won't be messed up~
Also these molds are in good qualities. They are durable and flexible. With great details and cute designs. You can have a lot of different variety of creations with just one mold.
I'll practice with these more and hopefully I'll get a full use of every one of it.
When I get the air dry clay I'll do another blog post about it and let you know what I think :)

Thank you for joining me today here~
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