Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pink Panda New Arrivals

PinkPandaCraftShop has some new arrivals on our Etsy shop!
I know it's been awhile now, hope all of you will enjoy :)

I've been working with some Japanese air dry resin clay and finally I feel comfortable to use it as my final products. Most of these new creations have combined with both polymer clay and air dry clay. You can see the different textures in some of the elements~

Polymer clay Pon De Ring donut and strawberry keychain (Sold)

Polymer clay creamy bear cookie keychain

Adorable fruity polymer clay cookie keychain

Lavender ice cream cone polymer clay cookie phone charm

Cute fruity polymer clay whipped cream butter cookie keychain (Sold)

Fruity lavender glaze with pastel sprinkles polymer clay pon de ring donut phone charm (Sold)

Creamy strawberry and banana polymer clay chocolate glaze eclair phone charm (Sold)

Pastel candy beads polymer clay donuts phone charm

Polymer clay strawberry cake roll phone charm

Sweetest clay donuts and macaroon beaded keychain

Creamy sweet colorful polymer clay cookie phone charm

Polymer clay sweet fruity cookie phone charm (Sold) 

Polymer clay fruity strawberry layered cake note / picture holder (Sold)

Polymer clay candy beads heart shape frosting donut adjustable ring (Sold)

Strawberry whipped cream chocolate tart polymer clay note / picture holder

Double chocolate caramel frosting polymer clay earrings

Elegant resin clay strawberry dangle earrings

Polymer clay strawberry cream cake roll dust plug for cell phone

Jewelry storage : Polymer clay cupcake sweet deco white jewelry dish (Sold)

Polymer clay layered cake photo wire holder / note holder

Please let us know what you like :) Feel free to leave comment to us~ I really hope you like it.

Thank you for visiting our blog~ See you all later!


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Cathy Morgan said...

Everything looks yummy! You did a great job, but now I need some kind of cake to eat.

PinkPanda CraftShop said...

Thank you very much Cathy :D

Rhondda Mol said...

Those are so cute!

Missy Messy said...

Looking at all your creations always makes me hungry!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey PinkPanda Craftshop,
I recently found your blog when browsing for some blogs relating to polymer clay since it has become a big hobby of mine! I am overjoyed I found you blog! Your little creations are so cute, and I hope my miniatures and charms will, one day, be as good as yours, but I have a long way to go until mine are half as good as yours! Wow is all I can say when I see your creations! :) In fact, I decided to make a blog dedicated to arts and crafts since that is one of my strongest passions! Oh, and congrats, you earned yourself a new follower :D!


PinkPanda CraftShop said...

Thank you so much for all the nice comments~

@Cratistic Thank you so much and I'm glad that you love polymer clay creations too! You make cute items as well :) I like your little lady bug! Believe me when I first started it wasn't that good lol
I've made a blog post about that:
I do fail from time to time haha.... Oh well~ Practice makes perfect! Let's share some more experiences here!

Innocent Saqib said...

Thanks, that was a really cool read! golf wang

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