Friday, May 3, 2013

What is PinkPanda doing~?

Hello everyone~
Today we're going to have a little update here. To let you all know what I've been doing lately :)
I've been trying some air dry resin clay and I just made a review about it~
Here's the post:
I have a lot of fun with them!
I'm very grateful that I can play with polymer clay and air dry resin clay in the same time~ lol
They are great on different creations. Now I can have different combinations and max out my creativity!

I really love donuts :) What about you?

I like to make phone charms and keychains, because it's really pretty to use as a decoration on handbags~

Super light weight air dry clay creations is great to combine with polymer clay creations. It's because polymer clay items can be pretty heavy. The Hearty light weight clay can help to reduce the weight problem~

Polymer clay gives very bright and solid colors. I also like how durable it is~ Love to use it to make cookies, donuts and other pastry items~

Decorating these little pieces on top of the silicone whipped cream are really fun~ It makes me feel so relaxing and happy.

Do you have any sweet picture or note to put it on these colorful holders~?

Girls love jewelry!
I looked at my inventories, I think I need to make some necklaces soon~ lol

This is something new that I've tried :) It's a dust plug for cell phone~

Another new things that I've tried to make are these little decoden jewelry trays~ Also, you can put your pictures / notes on them too!

How do you like them~?
They will be available on our Etsy shop soon.
When I have some more new items come up, I'll be updating them on here as soon as I can :) Thank you for stopping by~

I'll talk to you all again soon!
Have a great weekend <3 


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Anonymous said...

Simply amazing. You guys make it look so easy! Once again, a job well done on your fragile, delicate work! :)

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