Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anything new~?

Hi everyone!
It's been a while I know lol
I was working on some new items and have them published on our etsy shop last week~
It's over here:

and we just joined Pinterest :) Please follow us from here:

Oh also we have a Twitter account~ Please follow us there too~!

You can tell we are really going out there now lol

This week I've been working on the same projects :) I'm making more polymer clay charms~
I've tried something new this time. It's a chestnut cream cake~ 

and I've made some cake rolls, here's one~

I haven't baked them yet :p I'll probably work on it on Thursday because tomorrow I'll go visit my mother-in-law with my hubby~ My sister-in-law and my niece will go together as well! It's gonna be another fun day :)
I have a whole tray is waiting for me to bake~!

I love making these cookies~!

The chestnut cakes make me really want to eat them~!

More cookies~ Now you know how much I love them~ lol

Trying some new heart shape cupcakes~ Do you like them~?

I really want to make another tutorial up here~! I've already taken some pictures but I need to organized them better first~ lol so I can make it simple and clear~ Work hard work hard!


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