Saturday, March 10, 2012

My lovely Craft Caddy Lamp from OttLite!

This is AMAZING!

About a week ago I entered the giveaway that OttLite held on Facebook. The subject was about the craft project that we were working on the weekend. I just simply posted my blog post up there. Couple days later I got a message from OttLite Communications Manager, Autumn Kindelspire, and told me I won the giveaway~! Thank you so much Autumn for picking me as the winner! I really appreciate that!

Yesterday morning my hubby got the package at the front door and said, 'Hey hey I think it's for you~!'
Oh yeah! It's my wonderful Craft Caddy Lamp from OttLite! I was so excited when I opened the box! 

This is the first time I have ever won a giveaway :) and this is amazing because I had been wanting to get another lamp from OttLite! Thank you God for hearing me out! You're amazing!!!! Now I have 2 lamps from OttLite~ One is for taking pictures and the other one is for me to work on my crafts~ So wonderful! I just love the natural lighting it gives on my desk. I have an old desk lamp and the light bulb is that kind of yellowish off white color, so it never gave me enough lighting to see the true colors on my craft products.... Now my new lamp is helping me even better~

Once again, thank you Autumn for giving me such a perfect gift! I love it so much and I will fully utilize this lamp that's for sure!

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