Saturday, March 31, 2012

Polymer clay bakery item keychains~

Hello there~

How are you all doing today~? PinkPandaCraftShop has been doing great as always :)

I've been making a lot of polymer clay bakery charms lately. I'm addicted! It's been fun working with these and I really am enjoying it so far~ I've baked so many of them and it's time to make them to be a finished product~ lol

I just took some quick pictures just so I can post it up here and Pinterest,  because I can't wait to share them haha.... I'll take some more pictures with different angles soon so I can put them on our Etsy shop~

What do you think~? Do you like them~? I'd love to know :) lol

I'll probably try to make something new, hummmm.... Let's see what I can do~

Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to paint polymer clay bakery items~?

Hello~! Pink Panda is back again :)
Today we're gonna talk about coloring.
When you have your bakery clay charms ready, the color is kinda flat, right? We can use acrylic paint to help us~ You can also use soft pastels, but I like the acrylic paint better because it's easier to do the blending.

First of all we need to have our tools ready, which are paint and sponge~

This is the acrylic paint I like to use~ It's like the perfect color to do the golden baked effect and I don't have to mix any other color with it.

If you can't find this acrylic paint, you can also mix it your own~ You will need a sunflower type of yellow, bright red and a brown. The ratio is on the picture or you can mix it according to your own judgement to get this curry yellow color~

These are the type of sponges I usually use. They both work fine for me~ The white sponge wedges are makeup sponges, I got it at Sally Beauty Supply. The other one is for painting and I got it at Hobby Lobby~

When you have all your stuff ready, then we can get it started~ You will need to have something to put on top of your table so it will be easier to clean up later. I like to use the baking wax paper because it is right next to me lol~ What I do is I just pour the acrylic paint on top of the wax paper. Then I use the sponge to take a little bit of paint, and I will dap it on the wax paper to get rid of the excess. We only need a tiny bit of color left on the sponge because we want to make a gradient effect on the charm. If we have too much paint on the sponge, then the color contrast will be very strong. It should be like this

Once you have the right amount of paint, then you can put it on your clay charms~

Let's take a cracker for example. Usually I will start with the top surface. I will pull the paint away from the item. (As seen in the picture)

Then I will do the edge next. I just pull the paint downward.

Then I'll go back to the top surface and use the paint that remains on the sponge to pull it inwards. This helps to blend the color better. You can do the same to the bottom surface.

Here's another example~
Before coloring:



It's done~

Now we can take a look of how to paint donut~

We paint the top and the bottom part of the donut, leave the middle part open.

 Start to paint from the hole, the spread the color around (As seen in the picture) so you can get a gradient effect~ Do it the same to the top and the bottom.

Leave the middle part "unpainted"

Here's another one~

Here is a chocolate flavor one~

 I just used the brown acrylic paint to color this one~

Other than polymer clay cracker, cookie or donut, you can also use this technique on polymer clay cupcake, bread, pastry.... etc~ The good thing about acrylic paint is, you can always build up the color. If there's any spot you need to have darker color on, you can put more on top to make it darker~

Hope this is useful to you :) Please come back for more~

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anything new~?

Hi everyone!
It's been a while I know lol
I was working on some new items and have them published on our etsy shop last week~
It's over here:

and we just joined Pinterest :) Please follow us from here:

Oh also we have a Twitter account~ Please follow us there too~!!/PPcraftshop

You can tell we are really going out there now lol

This week I've been working on the same projects :) I'm making more polymer clay charms~
I've tried something new this time. It's a chestnut cream cake~ 

and I've made some cake rolls, here's one~

I haven't baked them yet :p I'll probably work on it on Thursday because tomorrow I'll go visit my mother-in-law with my hubby~ My sister-in-law and my niece will go together as well! It's gonna be another fun day :)
I have a whole tray is waiting for me to bake~!

I love making these cookies~!

The chestnut cakes make me really want to eat them~!

More cookies~ Now you know how much I love them~ lol

Trying some new heart shape cupcakes~ Do you like them~?

I really want to make another tutorial up here~! I've already taken some pictures but I need to organized them better first~ lol so I can make it simple and clear~ Work hard work hard!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to make polymer clay sprinkles~

Hi everyone~!
Hope you are all doing well :) I've been enjoying the weather around here! It's so nice outside. The extended sunlight has really given me a good feeling! It's amazing!
Today we're going to show you how to make polymer clay sprinkles~ This is a very convenient element that you can add on your clay cookies, cupcakes, donuts etc. It gives that extra cuteness to your charms!

Let's get started,

1. First of all you need to take a small amount of polymer clay.(Like half of a dime size) Then roll it to a long string like the picture below:

2. When you gather the amount you need, bake them in the oven according to the instructions on the polymer clay package. After that, you can start cutting them into small pieces (Like sprinkle size~)

(You can pick up a few strings and cut them all together to save some time~)

3. There you go~ You have your sprinkles ready! Isn't that easy~?

Hope you all like this little tutorial :D

P.S. I've made some new keychains today~

Which one do you like better~?

Have a great day!

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