Monday, April 30, 2012

How to make polymer clay ice-cream scoop~

Hi there~!
This blog post PinkPandaCraftShop is going to show you how to make polymer clay ice-cream scoop :)

First, let's get the tools that you'll need:
  • measuring spoon (It's going to be your scoop~ you can get any size you would like to make)
  • toothpicks (I like to use 3 and tape them together, as shown in the picture)
  • brush (Paint brush, toothbrush, any kind that with stiff bristles~)
  • polymer clay of course :)

Ok, first step, take your measuring spoon and polymer clay with you.

Than you can pull your clay and start working on the "texture".

Keep rubbing until you get this texture result~

Now you need to have your measuring spoon and put the textured side in it.

Push it down, get this half sphere shape.

Then use the edge of the measuring spoon to help cutting the excess around the ice-cream scoop.

Next step, you can take a little amount of clay from the excess. Roll a long clay worm and put it around the ice-cream scoop.

Have your brush ready and start tapping on top to give some extra texture.

Now you need your toothpicks.
Start pressing marks on the edge around the scoop.

When you have the marks all around, then start using the toothpicks to push the edge towards the scoop.

Now you're done~!

I've made a whole bunch~ Will start working on my "Decoden"!
You can also mix some color in it to have different "Flavor"~ Or put some "chocolate chips" clay in :)

I tried to make some polymer clay banana canes as well, and cut them in pieces~

Maybe it will be the next tutorial~? lol

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nhu's kitchen said...

great tutorial!!! Thanks a lot!!!

Pink Panda Craft Shop said...

You're welcome~
and thank you so much for visiting our blog :)

Violet SWEET Creations said...

wow, this is awesome. thanks for sharing. I can't wait to experiment with the japanese air dry clay I bought in japan

hardpliers said...

I just love your polymer clay tutorials :3 now I want to make a bunch of charms

Madelaine Gabrielle said...

Nice tutorial! But, can you send me tutorial to make a lollipop?
Can you post it?

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