Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to make polymer clay marshmallow pop~


This post is going to talk about "How to make polymer clay marshmallow pop"~

Things you will need:
- Q-tip (Please get the kind with the paper finished stick instead of the plastic one)
- Polymer clay (2-3 different colors)
- Bakeable adhesive
- Scissors
- Craft knife

1. First of all you will have your Q-tip ready~

2. Then use a scissors to cut the cotton ends off~

3. Now you have a stick for the marshmallow pop~

4. Have your polymer clay ready~ (Color of your choices)

5. Then roll them into string forms like so~ (Keep them kinda thick and flatten both ends)

6. Have your bakeable adhesive ready and put it on the Q-tip stick. About 1/4 of the stick's length. (Please remember to get the "bakeable" adhesive because this is safe be in the oven)

7. Now you line up 2 of your colors together. Then put the stick with adhesive on top of it, like so~

8. Stack the 3rd color of polymer clay string on top~ It'll form a triangular shape. (As seen in the picture)

9. This is going to be a little bit tricky. You'll need to pick up the whole marshallow. Grab the both ends of the clay marshmallow, then start twisting them all together slowly. (As seen in the picture)

10. Cut off the excess (To the length that you wish it will be~) Then re-shape the end you just cut if necessary.

11. Ta-da! Your polymer clay marshmallow pop is ready to be baked and be a finished product!

Hope you like this tutorial :)

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