Sunday, April 1, 2012

I need something to decorate~

I look at my box that I put my clay charms in, hummmm.... I don't have anymore strawberries! It's time to make some more~ and I figured I need to have some smaller clay items so I can use them to decorate on the other bakery clay charms~

These small cookies are my best buddies! I love to use them decorating on different things~ and I love the strawberries as well~ They make the charms so much cuter!

When I make a cupcake charm or a tart or a pie...., such as this card holder:

I love to decorate it with strawberries~! It makes it so yummy that I want to eat it!!

I've mixed some more pastel colors too~ They really reminds me Easter!

Oh maybe the next tutorial I can show you how to make the strawberries~?



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