Sunday, April 8, 2012

Polymer clay charms~

Hello Hello~

Happy Easter everyone :)

We are glad that we just got a message from a buyer on Etsy~ She is interested in our polymer clay charms. She visited our blog and saw our pictures, so I figured it would be easier to share some more pictures with her here :)
(Thank you for visiting us Grace~)

Here's 2 of the charms that our buyer is interested in~

This one has a light gold color eye pin:
(It looks kinda like silver though)

Size: 3.5cm wide & 3cm tall
0.8cm thick

This one has a silver color eye pin:
But there's a problem at the back though....
Size: 3.5cm wide & 3.3cm tall
1.2cm thick

The paint that I tried on this one was not good enough. I have this sat on the table and the paint at the back got flatten.... T^T (Marked on the picture)
After this I haven't used this paint on the back of any charm anymore....

Here's some other ones we would like to share :)


Getting the charms from us can show your own creativity as well~ You can use them in anyway you want :) We can do custom order so we can adjust the right sizes and colors to our customers~

If you are interested as well, please contact us:

Or you can leave a comment here it will work too :)

Hope you all like it~


Meow Opre said...

Lovely Polymer Clay creations. So talented :)

PinkPanda CraftShop said...

Thank you so much!

hardpliers said...

So cute :)

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