Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to make polymer clay strawberry and blueberry~

Hello hello!
Since I need to make some more smaller items to do the decorations on my clay bakery, I figured I could make another tutorial here~

Let's talk about polymer clay strawberry and blueberry today :)

I'd like to start with strawberry first because it has more steps (Then you will find the blueberry is a lot easier to make~ lol)

First of all you will need a tiny ball of clay (color of your choice)

Then you need to rub it on one side, (usually I do it on the right because I'm a right hander~) you will have it taper on that one side you just rub on.

It will look like this afterward~

After this you will need a tiny white clay ball. (Should be half size smaller than the strawberry color one)

Then flatten the white clay a little bit like so~

And you combine them together~

In order to get rid of that obvious crack in between the strawberry color and the white, we can use our thumb to rub it downward and make them look "connected"

Then it should be like this~

We will need to make the seeds on top of the strawberry. We need to have a "needle-like" tool, such as a glue that I have (It has a pin tip at the front) Or you can use a mechanic pencil that has a pin tip as well~ But you will need to use a clamp to clip the tip a little bit to make a triangular-like-shape (As seen in the picture~)

Now you can use the tool to poke around the strawberry to create the seeds on top of it~

Yay! Now you can have some strawberries to make your charms even cuter!

Ok let's make some blueberries too!

First you will need to mix the color for the blueberries. (I can't find the right color in the craft stores)

You should get a color like this~ (You can mix the color according to your personal judgement and not necessarily follow the proportion up there~)

Then you will need a toothpick to help you to sculpt~ First, take a tiny piece and roll it in a blueberry ball.

What you need to do is, to make a star-shape hole on the blueberry clay ball. You poke the toothpick in the clay ball a little bit, then flick it upward to make a hole.

Then you use the toothpick to help you shape the hole in a star shape like so:

Here you go~ A bunch of polymer clay blueberries :D

They are pretty easy to make aren't they~? Hope you will enjoy making them like I do :)


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